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Thursday, July 19 2018
Community Outreach

Local Outreach--  We have always taken a interest in the community issue of helping to feed
the elderly, shut-ins, poor, children and several food banks. Many tomato plants
were donated to us. We planted them,added stakes and added small fencing for 
them to grow themselves. Several of the grocery stores allow us to pick
us a cross section of food that we help distribute to the families.

We also help to gather clothing that is suitable for men and women
that need good clothes for job interviews. 


Educational Programs

  • Partnered with Gwinnett Library System
  • Provided community with Indian Heritage Day
  • Hosted two book lectures with Gwinnett Public Library and Gwinnett Reads Program
  • Conducted an American Girl Tea Party with Gwinnett Public Library
  • Joined w/Children’s Reading Pgm & Tail Wagging Tutors where children read to therapy dogs
  • Annual Educational Program for Spring Gardening and Plant Sale
  • Storytelling, by actors in period costume, of historical characters i.e. Ben Franklin, Mary Gay, Mrs. Ben Franklin, Alice Strickland

Venue for Community Events

  • Hosted four weddings in the last 5 years, one for the Great, Great Grandson of Mrs. Alice Strickland, homeowner of the Strickland Estate in the 1920s. For further reading about this amazing woman.
  • Facility has been used as the backdrop for three film companies for shoots
  • Home of girl scout and boy scout troops
  • Conducted senior citizen private tours
  • Sponsored an Old Timer’s Luncheon

Venue for Duluth History and Historical Society

  • Sponsored Historic Photo Contest, city-wide
  • Hosted author, Elliot Brack
  • Annual holiday events for families
  • Christmas Extravaganza Open House
  • The Society provides several rotating exhibits annually
  • Veterans exhibit from theWarvil war, WWI, WWII, Korean Conflict, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and through to today.

Additional Historical Society Activities

  • Monthly meetings with Fireside Chats for visitors and members to learn more about the history of Duluth are held at the Historical Duluth Train Depot.
  • Annual Chattahoochee Dog Fest, honoring Mrs. Zigler, granddaughter of Alice Strickland, who creator of the first Gwinnett County Humane Society in 1950.
  • Annual partner with the Duluth Dog Mayor program.
  • Annually during city fall festival, provides tours of the ‘callaboose’, first jail in Duluth in 1829.
  • Sponsored a Secret Garden Tour of neighboring homes.
  • Prepares for Duluth City Hall, a showcase of Duluth’s history in a rotating exhibit.
  • Alice Strickland House Property (green space):
    • Provides a small nature preserve with walking trails, native plants, courtesy of two Eagle Scouts
    • Property is a dedicated National Wildlife Habitat, courtesy of Jr. Girl Scout Troop #1945
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