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Tuesday, July 30 2019

This past year it's been pressing on the board members at the Duluth Historical Society for us to be better visible to the community, and to have a presence online that was notable.  The board began exploring opportunitites to have our web presence changed, and into something that is easily updatable by the volunteer staff at the Historical Society.

Through a local referral, we sought out John Lehmberg at Make It Loud Web Design and Digital Marketing, a local company here in Gwinnett, not far from Duluth, GA.  Although their company isn't located within the actual city limits of Duluth, they've adopted the city as their own, doing all of the social media work for the Duluth Fall Festival yearly, and John also runs a local business networking group that is in Duluth as well--  so their company pours into our city and considers it home. John was a history major in college and has an affinity for local history, so he was very excited at the oppotunity to recreate a new website for us.

They specialize in providing websites that are easy to update, which is our real great need, all the whilte not compromising on the beauty of our web presence.  He and his team have begun creating this new site, which will launch shortly. We'll be adding more to the site in the days ahead, and once he trains us, we'll be keeping our news and events page more up to date as well. 

We're very excited at this new chapter in Duluth's history, and very excited at the new presence this will give us at the Duluth Historical Society.  Stay tuned and keep coming back for more updates in the days ahead!


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