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History Detective | Help Us Discover Our History!

Many have come to us and desired to help us to discover the history of Duluth, GA, so what we've done is to have designed a series of questions that can help you learn what to cover with someone so that our local history can be discovered!  The following was created by our President, Candace Morgan, and can be used to interview anyone about our local history.  You can read the questions directly from our website here, or we've also included a .pdf link so that you can download a printable sheet with these questions on them, print it, and take notes! We'd love to see what you come up with!


Question Guide for Interviews
Contact Candace Morgan   770-403-1795 or Nancy Sturgis 678-365-1641 with Questions
Mail to  PO Box 599, Duluth, GA  30096

  1. What is your legal surname? Nick name?
  2. Where were you born and where did you live?
  3. Tell me about your schooling =name of school and its location
  4. What were your parents legal surnames(and nick names) and where were they born ?
  5. Where did they live?
  6. What type of work did they do as a profession?
  7. Did your parents ever tell you stories about their childhood?
  8. Did you know your grandparents? If yes, where did they live?
  9. Do you have any favorite memories of your grandparents ?
  10. Have any of your relatives been known for doing something unusual?
  11. Tell us about some of your favorite memories growing up in Duluth.
  12. What did you do to pass the time of day when not in school?
  13. Places you went or did you work on a farm?
  14. As you were growing up in Duluth, what was your favorite spot?
  15. What was one of the funniest things that ever happened to you when you were young?
  16. What would you like to say to the next generations of families that will live or be born in Duluth ?
  17. Date:_________________________ 

If you would like to download and print a copy of these questions, click the button below, then print the .pdf that shows up in the screen!