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Duluth Fall Festival
Duluth Fall Festival


We are very happy to announce that we will  again be returning to the Callaboose (old jail) this year during the Fall Festival.  We had to close last year for Covid. Come visit us to hear the history of the Callaboose , and other historical stories. We are also going to be selling our book  "Retold Stories of the South". The festival is always the last weekend in Sept.  


We were happy to introduce our new book.  We are still accepting new stories from the public and we will keep them on file until there is another book.  We know there are still many wonderful stories to be told.  They can be sent to  Next time you might be in print !!


We had a booth at the Duluth Fall Festival last year, and we were located at the Old Calaboose and our new book was available there, "Retold Stories of the South."  President Candace Morgan was there to talk about the City of Duluth and to tell some of the stories that make Duluth, GA, to so unique and wonderful as well as to answer any questions you may have.  The Duluth Fall Festival is always the last weekend in September, just in time to kick off Fall!  See you there!